Unexpressed Emotions that have been buried in the subconscious for years sicken people!

Modern medicine now admits that there are emotional causes at the root of many physical or psychological illnesses.

Everything we’ve been through, as well as the origin of everything (including our psychological and physical disturbances) lies in the events we have experienced in the past or the fossil emotions that have been passed on to us from our ancestors …

The same fate, repeats and revolves in vicious cycles over the years, in different disguises / other scenarios and through different people again these emotions come out. You always attract people of the same type, and though names may change, or the environment changes, you still always find yourself experiencing the same thing over and over again.

If you don’t get rid of the accumulated emotions, the problem sometimes becomes psychological. Other times, you find you cannot relieve the pain,sometimes wounds appear on the outside of your skin, sometimes your hair falls out, other times debilitating migraines. Whatever the problem is – your body is shouting ‘There is a problem! You have to notice me!’.

Every problem begins in mind, therefore every problem must be solved in the mind …

Pay careful attention: Once you remove the associated emotions from events in the subconscious, that event will no longer mean anything to you.