ARTT (Awakening Rising Transforming Technique) is a mind technique developed and created by Güneş Tan, ARTT is an internationally renowned “mental healing technique registered to its creator, Güneş Tan. In the world, such studies and work fall under the category of ‘Energy Medicine’, however ARTT is a completely unique and different technique from generally known methods.

ARTT is not an adaptation of another technique or an application. ARTT can be applied to every human being who can use their mind. This technique bases itself on working specifically with emotions; eliminating all unspecified emotions that either come or don’t come to the mind –thereby emptying the emotions of event(s) and hence their effect.

It’s a technique that can change a person’s situation completely, transform all physical and psychological illnesses, life disorders and vicious cycles to positive permanently in all of the records and also delete the old situation.

Thus we can attract the positive to ourselves with this, the quality of our body, our feelings, our future and our life changes. ARTT provides deep transformation of the subconscious and gives fast, radical and permanent results. Changing the information in a person with ARTT changes the DNA; along with this it comprises a karmic transformation. Besides all of this, the session has a beautiful after affect of touching and transforming the nature and lives of the people around the person worked with.