With ARTT, the specialist guides the person to empty out each negative feeling and thought of the events experienced. Then after all negative feelings are neutralized with the opposite positive feeling/thought which was given and experienced by the person worked on. So that there will be only “ONE” neutralized positive feeling in the person concerning the events that they worked with.

Experiences that come up in a session can be any event/events that were lived at any certain time, extending from being conceived and being in one’s mother’s womb to a previous life experience. With regression into the past, one automatically remembers the events that were the source of the problem and is able to reach the causative negative “life codes” in their life program.

Any similar experience or feeling no longer affects the person because during the session, the negative and positive dual feelings and/or thoughts experienced in the previous lives are also neutralized. From then on, the negative feelings and thoughts have become the positive feeling and thought permanently. Thus future events will evolve in accordance with the new positive feelings and thoughts.

To get a permanent recovery, it’s inadequate to get a permanent positive change by just going back to a past life experience using a regression technique and remembering and noticing the influence of that lifetime in this lifetime. This will only make the person aware of it. In order to get a permanent affect and healing, the important thing is to transform the feelings, negative into positive by neutralizing them so as the destructive affects of going back and forth between the opposite feelings will be diminished totally. It’s only after the neutralization that a person can experience only one positive feeling/thought and the negative feeling/thought becomes ineffective permanently until death.

Furthermore, during a session, the person may also be used as a surrogate for the other party involved in that particular event so as to realize the feelings and thoughts of the other party, which then are also neutralized. Consequently, the energy of the tension in between them is diminished and the result is fast, stable and permanent.

The certainty and awareness of this transformation is experienced by the person himself.

The person will experience, see and know for himself, that the negative effects of the events worked on and in fact even the events themselves have diminished totally or changed for sure.