Touching my Daughter
Yaprak Yılbar, 07 October 2011

TOUCHING MY DAUGHTER Dear Gunes, I had given years to be able to have a baby before I contacted you through my friends advice. This road had been a long and hard one, financially and psychologically, it had been a very exhausting trip. On this trip there had been personal development techniques as well as medical applications (5 microinjections(ICSI), 4 Intrauterine Inseminations (IUI), 3 laparoscopy operations, 1 normal pregnancy ended with miscarriage, 1 abortion, 15 doctors, 4 different hospitals) besides these I had some alternative medicine applications done. In 2006 I met you and your ARTT system. I don’t know how you did it or what you did exactly but in our first session you sent me to my past life while I was conscious and in this past life I saw that I had a child which had died. I can never forget this session, my eyes were closed but I was conscious how I cryed shaking and shaking, I noticed that I couldn’t stop my body from shaking and I can’t forget after the session how light my body and I felt. I didn’t get any other help besides what we did with you. 15 months after the sessions I touched my daughter. I can imagine how having a baby/child can make everyone happy but after 8 years of struggling I’m living the joy and excitement of touching my baby every single day. I’d like to send my infinite thanks to you and your ARTT system for helping me on my journey. I’m sending you a photo of my daughter and myself.

Yaprak Yılbar

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