Kate Katerina
Kate Katerina, 12 September 2013

Hello everyone,

I went to Gunes Tan because of problems I was having in my life. After the sessions I had with her I noticed that conventional medical and psychological methods that are used are not adequate enough to help people with their problems whether its physical or psychological. I think that the person who is the specialist helping for the change to happen should be gifted genetically. This is what Gunes has thats why she is different – she has a gift for changing peoples lives in a permanent way and makes people feel better for sure.

Show me a person who doesn’t want to be strong, self-sufficient, satisfied, determined and healthy. This is what I felt exactly after a session with Güneş. And the only thing I needed for that is to enter her cozy room and surrender to her. Everything is friendly, easy and calm.

With her guidance I neutralized or better to say got rid of problems and some of the drawbacks I had. I can see the results, all the mistakes I was doing before are automatically gone without doing anything extra or trying to remember how I should act. All the situations which were unpleasant in all sections of my life (for instance relationship, work, communication, etc. ) has changed automatically. The ARTT system that Güneş uses changed me and my life in the way I wanted to be. I am thankfull for her professionalism, friendship and help. For sure, my last session wasn’t the last one.I will be going to change my life even more to the best.

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