Gunes Tan gives personal development workshops for individuals and institutions.

Would you like to be reborn with a new life program?

You can do this with ARTT !

A fast, definite, radical, permanent change which no other system can give you will be in your hands !

Would you like to change the world, have a job of your own and be a specialist who gives benefit to people?

To raise the life quality and be the means of happiness, health, peace, prosperity, success, and love of people, yourself, dear ones close to you?

Registrations for the ARTT workshops have started. Now, you can apply to become a professional ARTT specialist.

Only a certain amount of participants will be accepted. Persons attending will be accepted after an interview and they will be notified when accepted.

The Heavens Touch

It is a very powerful higher dimension energy frequency which gives a feeling of peace and serenity.

The differance with other energy techniques is its in direct contact with Heaven. Whatever has been obtained with the application is permanent.

Whatever has been lived will create unwanted negative energy(overload) in our electro magnetic field getting rid of these is only one of the applications that will be taught.

Once you have been initiated you will otomatically be giving out vibrations of peace and create such a surrounding.

What will The Heavens Touch give you:

  • All kinds of physical and mental discomfort will be thrown out of the body and it will aid in the recovery.
  • Just like a pressure cooker the application will continue to bake.
  • Because it is directly conneted to Heaven serenity will engulf ones body and continue to radiate and affect the surrounding.
  • It’s easy to get rid of discomforts such as (sadness, grief, bitterness, anger, anxiety,fear etc.) and pain.
  • With The Heavens Touch there are different kinds of applications such as you can work on cases that are far away becoming or using a surrogate

This basic application is a technique that which is used in ARTT sessions for the reason that this energy takes a person to higher dimensions, into the vast universe with the feeling of peace in Heaven. This way it helps to ease going into subconscious applications. Helps for the applications going deeper and faster into the subconscious.

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