Time Doesn’t Exist In Life!
Date 04 January 2012, kategori Genel Bilimsel, author Güneş Tan

Time is an illusion. Understanding the existence of this phenomenon is real but our interpretation of it is wrong. (Julian Barbour 1999)

Physicist Julian Barbour, presented a theory that perhaps can solve the paradox problem: “We can completely throw out time. What is time anyway? It is not matter, it’s not space or a particle which can be measured in physics. It is not a major characteristic of the universe. ”

Barbour’s universe consists of infinite number of “eternal now’s” and “eternal moments”.

From the Big Bang extending to the end of the universe it is called ‘’hot death’’ or ‘’super shrinkage’’, sometimes it’s referred to as ‘’the big contraction’’.

Time is an illusion which is actually the human consciousness going through the now’s one by one, the persons consciousness who is seeing just the ‘’now’’ creating an illusion. In Barbour’s universe somewhere you are being born, at the same moment your starting school, going on your first date and lying on your death bed.

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