”Human Genome Project” an International Research
Date 03 January 2012, kategori Artt Bilimsel, author Güneş Tan

The biggest international research was done on the 5 percent triple DNA coding of a mankind, working with partners from different countries it was a joint international ‘’Human Genome Project’’.

The purpose of this research was to recognize the holistic structure of the human DNA, to make a map of the triple codes and genes. Because there are 70.000 different proteins in a human body, there should at least be 100.000 genes in the human DNA, this is what was expected. For this there should have been 70.000 protein coded genes to explain the physical reproduction in a human, 30.000 different genes to explain the character and personality differences.

In 2001 when the outline was gotten and in 2004 when the real version of the human genome was finished , when only 30.000 different genes were found in the human genome, the high expectations and hope of the world Biologists were torn to pieces.

In the human genome there was only 300 more genes then the 30.000 genes needed to create a rat. The Human Genome project revealed that we share 98 percent of ours genes with Chimpanzee’s. .

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