We Affect and Change Our DNA
Date 03 January 2012, kategori Artt Bilimsel, author Güneş Tan

With many cases in the world we can see that we are changing our DNA’s by affecting them

In a report made by the California Medical University in Los Angeles a new born baby was diagnosed with Aids and he had the HIV virus until he was 19 days old. In April 1995 in a Science News Journal it was written that the same child didn’t have the HIV virus anymore after he became 1 month old and this result has stayed the same until now. This case was investigated by Yvonne J.Bryson and her fellow colleagues and was announced in the 1996 New England Medical Journal. The virus was not dormant or ineffective but there was no virus in the body at all.

In fact to understand this and see the resistance they took some cells from the boy and injected The cells with HIV virus 3000 times more of the amount needed to get the sickness. Still there was a resistance for HIV in the cells. Here we can see a person’s immune system transform totally. This is something that happened during his lifetime, another words he was not born with this resistance for HIV. When the information we have in ourselves changes, our genes change during this lifetime while we are living..

Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega has documented a similar kind of extraordinary transformation. In the detailed explanation in his document called ‘’The Healing of Aids’’ he tells about how all of the sudden African prostitutes were rid of their HIV virus. Out of the blue, all of the sudden they no longer had AIDS.

In the August 17 1996 issue of the Science News Report, it is reported that 1 percent of the world population has developed a genetic resistance towards the HIV virus.

The above information reminds me of Steward Bells ”Subliminal Theory”. When a particle in existence is affected in some way, with the speed of light all of the particles in existence are affected in the same way subliminally.

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